Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Bosco® Sticks taste like they are made with real mozzarella cheese?
Because they are! Bosco® Sticks are filled with authentic, real mozzarella cheese made from whole milk. The result is a mild-taste, a soft texture and sweet and milky flavor. This cheese melts in a magical-stretchy way that kids love.
How did you get the cheese inside the breadstick?
It's very simple actually. A liberal amount of real mozzarella is positioned in the dough before it is rolled into a stick. And wala, the Bosco® Stick is baked and becomes a favorite of students around the country. But really, you are asking the wrong question. The right question is "May I please have another?"
How can I know if my Bosco® Sticks are done after cooking?
Follow the directions on the package. But, to delve deeper, the answer is to get the internal temperature to 165 degrees F with the use of a meat thermometer. If you don't have one, wait until you hear sizzling when you open the oven door. The sizzling means moisture is boiling inside the breadstick and Bosco® Stick bliss is near. At that point, you exceeded 165 degrees, but it's still way good.
Why can't I find Bosco® Sticks at my local retailer?
Our desire is that all retailers stock Bosco® products. Once customers express their wishes to buyers and store managers, in a friendly way of course, it could happen! (fingers crossed).
Why does the cheese, occasionally, boil out of the stick?
It's likely you cooked them too long. If the cheese starts boiling, you've passed 165 degrees and reached 212 degrees instead. Next time, remove them from the oven once the mojo oozes out; I mean, cheese.
Are the Bosco® Sticks sold in grocery stores the same sticks as sold in schools?
No, but they are similar. Many of the products we sell to schools are made with at least 51% whole grain dough and a limited amount of sodium to comply with their meal requirements. But they are still delicious!
Can Bosco® Sticks be deep-fried?
Several varieties work well in a deep fryer, but several don't, so please use one of the cook methods listed on the packaging.
Is a Bosco® Stick just a breadstick?
Absolutely not! Bosco® Sticks are made with an authentic bread baking process that creates the soft, fresh-baked texture and flavor, and they are stuffed with cheese or other delicious fillings, making them much more than a typical breadstick.
How long can Bosco® Sticks be kept warm?
They can be kept in a warmer or warm oven for 30-45 minutes before starting to dry out.
How long can a Bosco® Stick be kept in the refrigerator?
They can be stored refrigerated for up to three days, whether before cooking or after cooking.
When did Bosco® brand become part of Tyson Foods?
Tyson Foods officially acquired the assets of Bosco's Pizza Co on January 18, 2014. The Bosco® brand team is happy to be part of the Tyson Foods portfolio of trusted brands.

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