Our Story

From corner pizzeria to a cornerstone of lunchtime, Bosco® Sticks have shaped the lives of savory seekers everywhere, from your lunch table to your kids’. So here’s how we’ve risen to where we are today.

Where We Came From

Icon of a pizza

In 1995, the Bosco’s brand launched its frozen stuffed-crust pizza. Then one day, the crust fell off and, voila, baked bready magic was left for everyone to love. The stuffed breadstick was thankfully born.

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So, we took the original crust and made it better. We filled it with the good stuff, but kept the love, care and perfect ingredients that make the stuffed sticks so sensational.

Where We Are Today

Icon of a pizza

We don’t cut corners. Time, quality and a dash of love are our most important ingredients. Our made-from-scratch dough always has that fresh-from-the-bakery taste.

Icon of a hot-dog

And that’s how we’ve gotten to where we are today, in the hearts and tummies of all those who love hearty stuffed breadsticks and perfect portable pizza.

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